Call Centers

Our Call Center Solutions are a part of our Hosted VoIP Service and are a great asset whether you are a large company that needs hosted business phone servicing for one or more call center or a small company that just needs help with call organizing and routing.

Our Call Center Solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Savings on both upfront and ongoing costs

  • Multiple queues with flexible timeout and routing options

  • Ability to route calls to any type of phone: Route your calls to our VoIP phones, home phones or even cell phones

  • Monitoring and transferring of calls using our heads up display

  • Real-time display of call center activity

  • Advanced reporting on queue activity and statistics

  • Chat application that allows for messaging to individuals or entire departments

Our Call Center Solutions also offer several call routing options, including:

  • Round-robin routing

  • Simultaneous routing

  • Sequential routing

  • Skills-based routing using tiers and levels